Our Virgin hair bundles vs Our Premium Virgin bundles

Our Virgin hair bundles vs Our Premium Virgin bundles

A lot of our customers have been asking what the difference between our Virgin bundles & Premium virgin bundles is.  We made a list of the differences so you can better choose which bundles are right for you.

Both are great choices, either way you will still have soft long-lasting bundles with minimal tangling and shedding.  We wanted our customers to have a choice of having good hair at competitive prices and for those that wanted a better quality can still upgrade for a great price. Our Premium virgin bundles only come in Straight and Body wave textures.  The Virgin and Premium virgin textures are very similar in texture, they both take color well, easy to style and manage.

The differences are that our Premium virgin hair is thicker and has fewer short hairs.  Hair bundles have a certain percentage of short hairs in each bundle. For example, a 20-inch bundle could have 40% 16-inch strands, 30% 18-inch strands, and 30% 20-inch strands (just an example).  Our Premium bundles would be more like 20% 16-inch strands, 20% 18-inch strands, and 60% 20-inch strands (just an example).

The Premium bundles are also thicker which means the wefts are shorter.  Which just means that when you unravel your bundle it will not be as long in width like the Virgin bundles.  No need to double your wefts because the hair is thicker, when making a wig or doing a sew in single tracks are fine.  Another difference is that the Premium virgin bundles does hold a curl longer (esp. the body wave, my favorite).


Below is a chart listing all the major differences.


Virgin hair bundles

Premium virgin hair bundles

More short hairs per bundles

Fewer short hairs per bundle

Bundles are longer in width because hair is thinner

Bundles are shorter in width because hair is thicker

Tracks should be doubled for fuller look

No need t double, hair is thicker so single tracks are fine




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