About our wig units

(Our hair bundles and closures have recently been upgraded to give you a longer lasting wig with a much more appealing appearance) 


Being a wig wearer myself, I remember how many questions I had and how I hated my first wig because I had no clue about what I was purchasing.  For those of you that are interested in buying a wig but do not know much about them or just have general questions about our units, this article is for you.


This information pertains to I Hair You wig units.  All our wigs are constructed on a sewing machine for long lasting units. The units come with an elastic band to help give you a glueless fit.  You can apply the unit yourself no stylist needed.  We have a detailed YouTube video on how to apply your unit and cut the lace.


About the lace

Wigs have come a long way and the lace pieces is the thing that changed the wig game.  The top part of the wig will have a lace closure (we do not make frontal units at the moment), the lace piece is what gives the wig a more realistic natural appearance. 

The lace closure will come with bleached knots, a part, and a plucked hairline.  The lace on your wig will most likely be transparent lace or HD lace, (sometimes light brown lace, if stated).  Transparent lace looks good on lighter skin complexions but can be adjusted to any skin tone with lace tint or makeup.  HD lace is a much thinner more see-through material and blends with any skin tone more easily. 

Please note that the lace is just supposed to give an illusion of a real scalp, you can make it look good but if someone is looking for the lace, they will find it!  Do not get caught up with the social media pics and vids with the filters and all that, at the end of the day it’s still LACE!

You can easily apply the lace tint or make-up on the inside of the lace, on your wig cap, or on the front of the lace after you apply your unit.  YouTube or as we like to call it “YouTube academy” has many videos on this, go check it out if you want to be able to blend and melt that lace sis.


About the wig

We offer ready to ship wigs (wigs we have on hand), and custom units (create the unit you want in your size). The wig is constructed with a sewing machine on a mesh dome cap.  The caps are lightweight and breathable. I also prefer these caps because they are comfortable, and you can easily adjust your unit in any position you like (you can turn a middle part to a side part by just shifting the wig to the side you want).

Our units are made well, and the units are flat, never bulky.  We use 100% virgin human hair to construct our units which aids in giving you a realistic look.  The wig will always come to you washed and styled. Since the hair is good quality, your wig will last a couple years, with proper care even longer.  Only the lace closure/frontal needs to be replaced over time (3-4 months) because it will eventually start to thin and bald over time.  This is normal with the bleaching, plucking, combing and the more you wear it the sooner you will have to replace the lace piece. We will also be adding a service to replace closures.


About choosing a wig

We suggest doing some research before purchasing a unit.  Find out what’s best for you, like what do you like best frontals or closures, long hair, short hair, what type of hairstyles, etc.  For beginners we always suggest starting with a closure unit.  It is much easier to maintain.  Many of our customers buy closure units because you can just put it on and go, come home, and take it off.   Its beginner friendly and closures still look good and can be styled to give an appearance of a frontal.

About maintenance

Maintenance is very important if you want to keep the integrity of the hair.  Buying wigs these days is not cheap and to get the most out of your investment we suggest keeping your wig clean.  We offer a Wig Refresh service where we will wash, condition, give deep treatment, and restyle for you.  For your convenience we send a return poly mailer along with an address label with your wig order.  If you are familiar with caring for your units, make sure you are washing and conditioning your units as needed.  We have a blog on caring for your unit, go check it out if you want to take care of your wigs yourself.


Alright good people, we think we covered the basics on our end but if you are still unclear about something or just have more questions feel free to reach out to us.  We want to make sure you are totally happy with your new wig unit so you can have the best experience with our company.