If you never had raw hair extensions before we suggest doing a little research beforehand.  People love raw hair bundles because of its fullness, longevity, and how it blends in with many different hair types, but many do not know that you need to maintain your extensions just like your own hair.  

This hair is not chemically processed or steamed in any way.  Each bundle is unique in its wave pattern and color, so do not be surprised if each of your bundles are slightly different.  The texture of this hair can range from light to medium coarse.  Hair extensions can become a little dry since the hair is not receiving the natural oils it usually gets from the scalp, and dry hair causes tangling, that's why maintenance is important. 

Your bundles come to you already washed and conditioned, but you should still co-wash your bundles before use.  Cleansing your hair extensions is important and we suggest doing this once a week.  Always use moisturizing shampoos and conditioner and adding a little leave-in conditioner that has coconut oil in it is great for these tresses.   Always allow your hair extensions to air dry and never sleep on wet hair.  You can even trim your ends every few months to keep your ends looking healthy.

Follow the instructions that come in your package for longer lasting hair extensions!  Checkout our upcoming videos on maintaining your extensions and how to properly clean your extensions.