Wig Refresh

Don't throw away your old wigs.  Send it to us for a wig revive.  To get the most out of your investment don't wait too long to maintenance your wig. Even for units you're not going to wear for a while have them refreshed before storing.

This is human hair and it needs to be cleansed.  Dust particles, dirt, and too much product will cause tangling and shorten the life span of the hair. Don't have time to do it?  Pack it up and send it to our address.  Email us the tracking number and we'll take it from there.  Turn around time 4-5 days/ plus shipping time. You have 2 weeks after purchasing to send in your wig.

Now offering 2 Day Express service.  Wig will be done within 2 days after receiving.  If you need back the wig quickly choose express shipping at checkout.

What's included:

Wash, lace cleanse, condition + treatment & restyle

***Price is for 1 wig unit, if you are sending back 2 or more wig units please select the correct quantity in your cart. 1 for 1 wig unit, 2 for 2 wig units...ect.***


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